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Any member of Farset Labs can request that items be bought for the tuck shop using the following Google Form:

Tuck shop requests

Using the form

Items must be from Tesco, as the suggestions that are chosen will be ordered for delivery using their online service.

You must include answer to the following fields:

  1. Item name
    Self-explanatory - what are you suggesting?
    For example: "Pepsi Max 330ml cans" or "Double Decker chocolate bars"
  2. Item URL
    This MUST be a Tesco.com grocery URL
  3. What's your name?
    Helps if we need to ask for clarification.
  4. What's your email?
    So we know where to ask.

The final field (Any other comments?) is optional.

Help is given in-line on the form too.

To submit multiple requests, simply submit multiple forms.

What sort of suggestions are good?

The Tuck Shop needs to break-even or, ideally, maintain a small profit. Accordingly, only suggestions that are fiscally sensible will be considered. You should aim to suggest items that fit within our regular price levels: 50p, £1.00 and £1.50

Some examples:

Bars of chocolate, cans and crisps should be less than 50p per unit so they can be sold at 50p. A microwaveable porridge container would be reasonable to sell at £1, so the per-item purchase price would ideally be 90p or less, for instance. If an exotic soft drink was bought in at £1.25, it could then be sold in the Tuck Shop at the £1.50 price level.

If in doubt, just suggest anyway, but be aware that the item may not be purchased due to suitability.