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Ultimaker original

Farset labs own an Ultimaker original 3D printer. Although not always the most reliable of machines, it does allow members to print out basic 3D object in PLA plastic.


Build volume - 210mm x 210mm x 205mm
Layer resolution - 20 micron
Filament supported - PLA only (ABS is not supported)
Filament diameter - 2.85mm
Accepted model formats - .STL


To use the Ultimaker, you must be inducted first. We are still in the process of figuring out the best way to handle inductions, but for now if you are interested in getting inducted on the 3D printer, your best bet is drop the management team (info at farsetlabs.org.uk) an email.

Currently inducted

  • Andrew Mulholland
  • Andrew Bolster
  • David Kane
  • Ellen Murray
  • Dan Porter
  • Colin Kelsey
  • Glenn Davidson

Using the Ultimaker

To use the Ultimaker at Farset, you must be inducted in using it. Simply having experience with other 3D printers is not enough, you must be properly inducted to use it.

Before using the printer

  1. Grab Cura and the recommended profile.

The profile is configured for our Ultimaker, taking into account issues with the machine. It forces the printer to print a little slower than default to allow for filament flow issues and also prints a brim to help with adhesion to the bed.
You can load in the profile from inside Cura with File -> Open profile.

  1. Grab the digital calipers which should be sitting somewhere around the workshop (usually on top of electronics boxes) and do a quick measurement of the filament diameter of the filament currently in the printer. It is important Cura knows exactly what this is. It should be pretty close to 2.85mm.
  2. Verify there is blue painters tape down in the printer bed and that the tape is still rough at the area you plan to print. If not, then remove the tape and replace it. Do not put down multiple layers of tape over each other!
  3. Do a general visual inspection, making sure there is no plastic stuck near the motors, rails etc. Also try and remove any plastic from the head using pliers.

Printing your file

  1. Get the SD card from the printer, insert it into your computer and hit the Save to SD button inside Cura.
  2. Insert the SD card into the Ultimaker and switch it on (switch on the button of right hand side).
  3. Make sure the printer is starting from home (Prepare -> Auto-home).
  4. Select print and select your file. The printer will start to warm up to 210 degrees and will then proceed to print your item.
  5. If there is any loose filament, remove this with a pair of pliers to avoid it causing issues later.
  6. Keep a close eye on your print for at least first 15-30 mins and then check back frequently. It is very easy for an item to unstick from the bed and cause issues. For this reason, we recommend printing with a brim.


  • Do not attempt to modify or upgrade the 3D printer without director approval!
  • The Ultimaker is extremely temperamental! Do not rely on it for quality prints. It is really only for draft level prints now.
  • Now and again use of the 3D printer is included in Farset Labs monthly membership, but if you intend to use it frequently or for much larger prints (50g or more), please consider making an additional donation to cover filament and maintenance costs. Please also let one of the directors know.
  • Use of the Ultimaker is only available to members of Farset Labs who have gone through the relevant induction. Farset Labs does not accept outside requests to print off specific pieces or designs.


  • I am not a member of Farset labs, can you print off a model for me?

No, we don’t take requests from outside the member base.

  • I have a really great idea for an upgrade (for example, a heated bed) for the Ultimaker, can I add it?

The short answer is no. The slightly longer answer is probably not, but is best to ask a director about it. Do not simply decide to modify the printer without permission!

  • The printer isn’t working! What do I do?

Oh dear, that isn’t good. Best drop the management team an email to let us know so we can take a go at fixing it. If it is noticeably not working or damaged, please do not use it as could damage the machine further. Please also add a note to the machine (sticky note etc) saying is out of use right now so others know.

  • Is 3D printing the future?? Can I really print anything??

Err.. Perhaps they will be the future, but right now 3D printers available for under £1500 still have a number of major limitations. Unfortunately you can’t just print anything, you need to design your model keeping in mind these limitations (overhangs, printer accuracy etc). It is also worth keeping in mind, 3D printing takes a long time! Models may take a number of hours to complete.