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Farset Lab's Vinyl cutter is a Silhouette Cameo. It is located in the workshop on a desk against the outside wall beneath one of the windows. It has it's own dedicated Windows with the Silhouette Studio software currently installed.

As well as being able to cut adhesive-backed vinyl, the machine is also capable of cutting card for models and stencils, fabrics for a wide variety of craft purposes, and other speciality materials that will allow you to do things such as etch patterns into glassware and create rubber stamps. The cutting blade can also be removed and replaced with a pen holder so that the machine can be used as a plotter.

As well as designs created using the build in tools in the provided software, designs can also be cut from patterns based on jpg, bmp or png files. (SVG support coming soon pending software upgrade)


After watching the youtube tutorial video you should contact an authorised member for a brief induction on the machine. The current list of members authorised on this machine is:

Colin Kelsey


There is a small selection of adhesive backed vinyl and cardstock, as well as spare blades and pens stored beside the vinyl cutter for general experimentation and use in smaller projects by all members. If you have a project that requires large amounts of material, specific colours, or more specialist stuff such as fabrics or glass etching supplies, you will need to order in advance. There are official Silhoutte branded supplies, but these tend to be fairly expensive. If you try out any third party supplies, please include some notes on the product and it's general quality below.

Useful Links

(Please add to these as you find other good tutorials for whatever you are doing with your specific projects!)